Thriller Book Lovers Loop

Hello, thriller/mystery/plot twist/horror lovers! Let’s support one another and fill our feed with more of our favorites.

Welcome to the #thrillerbookloversloop follow loop!

To join, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on the image below and save it to your device.
  2. Copy/paste the text below and include it in your post
  3. Connect with and follow those who share the image and use the hashtag.

Happy looping!

Copy/Paste the Text Below for your Post (don’t forget the hashtags):

💀 Calling all Thriller/Mystery Lovers! 💀

If you’re a thriller/mystery/plot twist/horror lover, let’s support one another and fill our feeds with the BEST genre! Connect with each other and feed our love for thrills… it’s the easiest and MOST fun way to help each other grow.

Here’s how to join the fun:

💀 Like this image.

💀 Follow loop host @katesheltonauthor

💀 Comment on everyone you follow! Allow 48 hours for a follow back.

💀 Join the loop by posting this image/script/hashtags. (You can click the link in bio for @katesheltonauthor to download this image and copy/paste this text and hashtags if you wish).

💀 Be sure to invite all your thriller pals. The more, the merrier!

💀 BONUS – put this in your stories so more people see it and join the fun.

That’s it! Remember this loop is all about supporting each other, so please don’t participate if you plan to unfollow.

Looking forward to following your book recommendations.

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